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Barend van Benthem aluminum yacht van Benthem in Zwartsluis wants to build an even once a truly classic yacht Yacht. With the cooperation, commitment and support of 2 old customers Jan Hovenkamp and Gerrit Mensink, an classic sailing yacht built. Yacht Designer Dick Zaal has gone from an old 8-meter designed by Bjarne Aas for owner Colonel Cleaver, DSO this ship was called "IF". It has a line plan which has been modernized by Dick Zaal. Barend van Benthem is known for his great skill and he has also built many yachts from other designers such Koopmans Sr. and Koos de Ridder. It should be a fast sailing and beautiful classic, built in aluminum, hunting with a clever layout that provides sufficient comfort. Through this website you can follow the development of this project.

Progress of the project:

  • October: a construction is made and the deck plus a few frames are placed.
  • November: all trusses, laser cut, are asked and the keel laid, see photos keel. The frames are made of Alustar an extra hard quality aluminum.
  • December: All reinforcements are fitted below deck, for example the winches, chain plates, clasp story, frogs etc. This is necessary because at this stage there is still enough space to be able to do well.


  • January: The engine Craftsman CM 4.42 with TMC gearbox 1: 2.5 has arrived and the base is mounted in the hull.
  • December: The hull is rotated, the lower part of the keel is to be mounted yet
  • Activities are temporarily suspended in connection with other tasks of the yard.


  • april: Work started again. In the meantime, a lot of preparation work has been done on design and layout.
  • may: Pepijn van Schaik from "Manta Marine Design" found the project very much and he offered to build the cabin and cockpit digitize the benefit of a cutting package.
  • june: The cut parts of cockpit and cabin have been supplied.
  • september: various penetrations are made as well as tanks for water and fuel. Recently, the cabin structure is placed.


  • Due to health problems, there is a considerable delay in the progress. But the pictures, show that there is again development.
  • There is also being done on the inside with the application of the ground timber, after which the insulation can be applied.

2016   Same situation as 2015

2017  Situation always the same but there some foto's of the progress.

2018 Setting up the boat requires great accuracy and takes a lot of time.

2019 Same as 2018, but an important step has now been taken, the keel has been placed and the waterline has been checked.

2020  After all these years, the boat is ready and looks fantastic. The builders have jointly discussed how to proceed and the choice has been made for sale. Look here for the result.